Jac the walking billboard & sweet little mulberry dangles

12 Jan

I don’t often wear my own jewelry. I know it’s a great way to advertise — “Oh, you like my earrings? Why, they’re for sale!” — but I don’t want to run the risk of something happening to the piece, like, RIGHT when someone buys it.

Paranoia, I know.

But today, these earrings just went too perfectly with my sweater:

All around the mulberry bush. Vintage bead earrings. Upcycled. -- $8 (Click on the image to see more.)

I have to say, they’re insanely comfy, too . The beads are upcycled from a really ugly double-strand necklace. They’re much better like this! The earring posts are gold-plated and yes, I clean them when I’m done with them.

I can only think of one other piece for sale that I’ve worn before. My cousin got married a few months ago, and I had this short black sleeveless dress with crazy silver disco sequins. The pattern was tasteful — I wasn’t actually a walking disco ball — but the dress provided all the bling I needed. I wanted a necklace that was very simple, but still lovely.

I went with this:

Vintage crystal pendant. Sterling silver chain. -- $22 (Click on the image for more.)

I found the pendant looking grubby in a box of jewelry at an antique store. Once I cleaned it, it sparkled brilliantly. I paired it on a new, simple, dainty sterling chain and voila — an upcycled necklace that’s sweet enough for daily wear but elegant enough for a wedding reception.

I use so much upcycled stuff that most of the goodies in Jaclyn1423 have been worn before; maybe I need to be a walking billboard more often?


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