New Etsy shop section: $10 and less

5 Jan

Blink and you’ll miss it!

I’ve just started a new section over at Jaclyn1423: “$10 and less.” My main reasoning? When there’s a shop I love and can’t justify buying anything, and then when I see a section devoted to inexpensive pretties, I’m more likely to make that purchase. And it leaves me very happy the shop organized its goodies just so.

“Upcycled silver and clear beaded dangle earrings” only $9. Click on the image for more!

In creating this section, I’ve also ditched the “upcycled” section. All those goodies are still available; they’re instead grouped under other categories, like “necks” (by far the largest section with, egads, 92 items!), “ears, ” etc.

I hope you like the changes. Happy browsing!

“Vintage beads. Blue bracelets. Set of two.” Only $10. Click on the image for more!

“Play that funky music. On your cassette earrings.” Only $8. Click on the image for more!


One Response to “New Etsy shop section: $10 and less”

  1. Leah B. January 5, 2011 at 11:04 pm #

    Viva upcycling! I love those first earrings, and the cassette earrings totally made me giggle in a good way. Keep up the lovely work.

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