New goodies at Jaclyn1423!

3 Jan

Between the Christmas rush and the extreme amount of travel and business that comes with the holidays, I haven’t had many new designs in Jaclyn1423. So I’m very, very happy to announce two new goodies in my Etsy shop!

I found the amazing pink wooden cages and adorable little bird charms in a shop when I was looking for more scissors for my rock/paper/scissors bff sets. I knew they had to join together in an earring, and I knew the bird could not be in the cage.

Here’s what I came up with. You like?


Just click on the image to see more in these whimsical and shabby chic earrings.

I came up with the idea for this bracelet at a local coffee shop that also sells some handmade goodies. I love the idea of stringing the bracelet normally with a small handful of beads jutting out from the smooth strand.

Plus, all the beads in this bracelet are just stunning. It includes glass pearls in gold and brown (though, personally, I think the brown looks more like a maroon) and an incredible bead called padparadscha: a peachy, sparkling gemstone that contrasts elegantly with the smooth simplicity of the pearls. See??


Click on the image to see more of this gorgeous bracelet. I think it’d make an awesome bridesmaid gift, too.

As we get into 2011, I’m hoping to start being more particular with what I post in my shop. I may be posting new items less often, but I’m hoping that they’re even more fabulous because I’ll be more picky.

I hope you like the first two new goodies of 2011 at Jaclyn1423! I’m 30 sales away from 200, and you can bet I’m going to have some kind of fabulous giveaway. Currently accepting ideas for what to do — leave a comment!


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