Thinking back to ’90s music

29 Dec

The beau and I were driving back from Christmas with my parents. Eve 6’s “Beautiful Oblivion” came on the radio, and I think I stopped talking mid-sentence to turn it up.

This of course led us to the conversation about the ’90s rock songs that all sort of sounded alike. To me, they were all awesome, because I was in junior high and high school in the ’90s, and these songs defined my early teenage years. To the beau, they were just kind of, “Oh yeah, I remember that song. Meh.”

We compared “Beautiful Oblivion” to Lit’s “My Own Worst Enemy” and “Little Black Backpack.” He had never heard the latter, and as I started to sing, the song raced out of my mind. It was kind of shocking how I seemed to watch it disappear.

So, travel down memory road with me and remember it, won’t you? And in case you forgot, like me, the artist is Stroke 9.

OHMIGOD those bowling shoes!

In looking for others to add to the list, I found this forum thread. I’m absolutely loving the longish post by stacymichelle, nodding like a bobble head.



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