What Etsy thinks I should get my friends for Christmas

22 Dec

I’m absolutely done with my Christmas shopping, but I’m intreigued anyway. Etsy has a Facebook app that suggests gifts for your friends. I’m curious what it’d tell me to get some people. How’d it do?

Kevin and I met in seventh grade in gym class. He was one of my best friends in high school and one of the ones I wish I could take with me everywhere I move. He’s a nerd, is getting his PhD in engineering and likes video games. Etsy says I should get him:

Oh, I’m cracking up. I started to type in his name, and it tells me “No gift ideas available.” Sorry, man.

Steph has been my best friend since fifth grade. She just had a baby and is obsessed with OSU football. Etsy thinks I should get her …

OK, it breaks it down by interest. The first interest is Ohio State University. My fav of the four is this wall hanging. Then, it goes to Sex and the City. Most of the suggestions are way too out-there for her — she has a pretty simple, classic taste — but this Carrie-inspired necklace might work.

Next, it says she likes house. That’s weird. But the “sunshine” is cool, and I have a soft spot for You Are My Sunshine, and yellow is her fav color, so I vote for this print.

Jeff is the beau. I predict it has no ideas for him. … I predict right.

I’ll do Lindsay next. She and I met in college. She’s the tiniest person you should fear. She’s brilliant, sarcastic and can make something out of a dumpster look hot.

On the main page, Etsy has only one idea to go off: “digital,” and the top four suggestions are digital drawings.  None of them really do it for me.

Erin is a college friend, too. She’s getting married on June 1, 2010, when Gov. Quinn allows civil unions in Illinois. She’s an amazing photographer and poet, and our trip to San Diego last January is hands down the best vaycay I’ve ever gone on.

For her picks, Etsy has  a ton of suggestions and first, we first have Rachel Maddow. I like this button. Next, “Pandora.” I promise, Etsy, she doesn’t mean the beads. Third is Ira Glass.  This finger puppet is hysterical. Be sure to check out the Betty White suggestions.

And because I had to see what Etsy would suggest for a dude: Steve is crazy into movies, books and sports. He does a yearly roadtrip to baseball stadiums and secretly likes John Mayer. Etsy pulls out Flight of the Concords, the White Sox, Farmville [snort] and more … I don’t know that I’d get him any of this stuff. Too crafty. I don’t think he’d rock a plastic-beaded Sox bracelet.

So I’d have to say: Not bad for an application, Etsy. Obviously, you need more provided info to do your thang, but I bet some of these things would have gone over OK. (It won’t let me search me. What does it suggest for me??)


One Response to “What Etsy thinks I should get my friends for Christmas”

  1. Suburban Sweetheart December 22, 2010 at 5:29 pm #

    This sounds like fun! I’ll check out the app & let you know what it says for you. 😉

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