A last-minute wish list

16 Dec

When you’re a 28 … erm … 27-year-old gal with the memory of an Alzheimer’s patient (I can’t even remember how old I am?!?), it’s not surprising when you completely forget about some of the stuff you wanted for Christmas.

(This is to imply that none of this stuff is a recent addition … that I’m not remotely selfish and don’t browse looking for pretty stuff that I would like)

I was Boyz II Men’s biggest fan when I was 12 (that’s when II came out — “On Bended Knee,” anyone?), and I’m appalled that I have none of the band’s covers-of-old-favorites disks. Based on the song list, I’m thinking “Love” would be my favorite.

(And, because it’s the holidays and this is sort of related, here’s the single greatest cover of “Silent Night” you may have never heard, because a capella and radio stations are serial killers and you (what are: Things to avoid, Alex).) I seem to remember it being featured on an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air once. They sang at little Nicky’s … first communion? Baptism? And that’s how he got four middle names: Nathan, Michael, Shawn and Wanya. (THIS I remember, but I forget my age??)

And yes, I have their Christmas album.

OK, back to the point: the wish list.

I have no idea how a photo and description can make me want to buy a perfume (you’d think actually having to smell the perfume would be key), but thedirtyhousewife knows how to make a sale. This combo buy of his lover and her lover roll-on perfumes strike me as glorious.

Her feedback for various perfumes is pretty amazing, too:

  • The most amazing intensely sensous (sic) smell! By far one of my most favorite scents. Thank you from a satisfied repeat customer!
  • Perfect! Thanks!
  • This is a must have for the holidays. I love it!
  • One of my most favorite handmade products ever.

Way to sell a product!

I had never heard of The Clay-Pot before today, but a friend forwarded me this ring, and it’s just about the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. If, ya know, you’re into Christmas gives that are $4,000+.

Last minute Christmas wants? Stick ’em in the comments!


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