A last-minute Target run and recycling for thank you notes

15 Dec

I’ve just finished packaging up five orders. I might have finished 45 minutes ago if I wasn’t a dingbat.

A friend and I painted pottery after work to celebrate her birthday, so I didn’t get home tonight until after 8. When I started to gather everything to do my mass packing, I realized something: I had only three envelopes left. ((facepalm))

But I had just changed into my pajamas! And my fluffy blue slipper socks!

Like that stopped me. I just kept my coat on at Target and wore my boots over my socks. No one seemed to notice the thick pale pink fleece pj pants.

I usually write thank you notes to those who purchase from Jaclyn1423, but my regular pink and gray cards didn’t seem right for the season. So I found a stack of old Christmas cards, read my friends’ sweet notes one last time and ripped the front off them. I stamped my “Jaclyn1423.etsy.com” stamp centered at the top and wrote my thank you notes that way. Festive AND green.

Today’s orders are headed to:

  • Hilliard, Ohio
  • Louisville, Kent.
  • Fort Myer, Virg.
  • Hamilton, Ohio, and
  • Carmel Yosef, Israel.

That last one makes me very giddy. That would be the sixth country to receive goodies from Jaclyn1423!


One Response to “A last-minute Target run and recycling for thank you notes”

  1. Suburban Sweetheart December 15, 2010 at 1:27 am #

    Very cool that your things go all over the world! I;’m still waiting for a purchase from someone who doesn’t know me… Beggars can’t be choosers, eh?

    And I love the recycled Christmas card idea. Perfect for something like this!

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