People do seem to be browsing more

24 Nov

I’ve sung the praises of Craftopolis before, and this week, it’s shown me some especially interesting stats: People who get to my shop and browsing much more than they have in previous weeks.

Yay holiday shopping!

Consider this: Yesterday, Tuesday, 67 people visited my shop and clicked through on 217 items.  The previous Tuesday, 68 people visited my shop but clicked through only 169 times.

This witch hazel tin necklace has received the most clicks today. It's part of Jaclyn1423's Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale -- $16 from $22, only through Monday! Click on the image to visit the necklace.

One week ago, 70 people clicked through on 184 items. But today, hours before the day is even over, half that many people have made the same number of click-throughs.

You may not find this remotely interesting, but I think it’s exciting to know that people are shopping at Jaclyn1423. It’s the little things.



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