Gift guide No. 1: Shopping on a budget

23 Nov

It’s shocking how much of my Christmas shopping list has become an online endeavor. Not two years ago, I was a store-shopper first and foremost, but the variety and ease of online has converted this gal. Yes, I’ll still hit up some stores the day after Thanksgiving (well, the evening after Thanksgiving — I prefer with the really cool sales going on after work to the what-the-frack-is-wrong-with-you-getting-up-at-4 a.m. sales), but my list to Mum this year (she asks for one every year) included a ton of Etsy URLs, and my to-buy list is largely online, as well.

This is going to be the first of three (four? more? depends how I feel) gift guides I pull together from Etsy sellers. I don’t need to stress how fabulous I find buying hand-made to be, but where else do you get such value, craftmanship, service and personalization?

This first guide is for those gift-giving on a budget. I visited some of my favorite shops on Etsy and checked out the least expensive item for sale.  This just goes to show that hundreds are no where near necessary for a beautiful gift. If you have an Etsy shop, or a favorite Etsy shop, comment with the link to the least expensive item in the shop to add to the guide.

Caught Red Handed is a gorgeous jewelry shop with vibrant and creative goodies. While I adore the look to the shop’s framed star drop earrings (look how gorgeous, and for only $18), this sweet little pendant is on sale for $5.50.

Click on the image to visit the pendant.

Funwallart sells truly gorgeous trinket boxes. This may be the least expensive item in the shop, but it’s incredibly beautiful. How fab is that color scheme?

Click on the image to visit the box, which is $25.

Somethingbunny is an adorable little design shop with sweet images and sweeter goodies. I adore these bookmarks. I identify with the cute little nerd, and I adore the sentiment of the slogan.

Click on the image to visit the bookmark, which is $3.

ylie parry is a shop that specializes in gorgeous ceramic goods. This beautiful star would make a perfect little “I’m thinking of you,” no?

Handmade Christmas ornament, $8. Click on the image to go there.

The final inexpensive and adorable gift on the guide? Earrings by moi, mais oui! These adorable powder blue rosy studs are only $6.

Click on the image to visit the earrings.

Don’t forget to comment with your links to add to the gift guide!


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