Jaclyn1423’s new rock/paper/scissors bff necklaces

8 Nov

The lone sale I made after taking my rock/paper/scissors trio off my Etsy site definitely opened my eyes to some things. Most prominent: Without that set, I really have no reason to maintain an Etsy shop. I’ve just created my final attempt to move my product — I made a light box! — and if this doesn’t work, I may simply start letting things expire after the new year.

But the set is back up and already up to 50+ views for the regular set and 30+ views for the set with initial charms, so no talk of closing up shop right now!

This is why the set was gone so long:

It was time to restock on charms. I found the exact scissors I’ve always used. I found much better rocks — chips of tiger’s eye! — and I ordered my regular “paper.”

After I made my “paper” purchase, however, the shop got back to me to say that the charm I bought was out of stock and would not be available for three weeks. Would I like a refund?

Well, no. I’d like you to send me the charms you had for sale in your shop, but I will wait.

Three weeks later, I contacted the shop again. The charms, still, were not available, and would like I refund?

No. I want my stupid charms.

When I looked in the shop, I noticed that the charms I was waiting for were up again for sale. I pointed this out to the seller, and he seemed not to be bothered that he had an item up for sale that he did not actually have in stock. This shop’s approval rating is 100 percent, with something like 4,000 different feedbacks, so this problem I was having could not be a regular thing, I figured.

I started to scour Etsy and other online vendors for a charm to replace the one it seemed would never be shipped to me. When I found one to use, I almost smacked myself on the forehead for its obviousness: beads made from newspaper. Perfect!

Jaclyn1423's new rock/paper/scissors bff set, with initial charms. Click on the image to go there!

I promptly cancelled my previous order from the Shop That Would Not Send My Charms and asked that it let me know when the charm was available again. I also contacted another seller I regularly purchase from to see if it could start creating a similar charm. The owner told me she would ask the shop’s charm designer and get back to me. Finger’s crossed — I love the charm and don’t really want to work through the original shop anymore.

Are my newspaper beads as cool as what they’re replacing? Not quite. That’s not because they don’t rock — I love them! — but because my original “paper” was just that awesome.

Jaclyn1423's new rock/paper/scissors bff set without initial charms. Click on the image to go there!

What do you think of this new set?


One Response to “Jaclyn1423’s new rock/paper/scissors bff necklaces”

  1. Stephanie November 9, 2010 at 10:19 am #

    I love the one in this pic way more than the one I looked at!! I think it rocks! [or papers actually, haha]

    And I hate that you talk about closing up shop…it makes me sad 😦

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