Goals for this week

1 Nov

Happy Monday, bloggosphere! It’s 8:17 a.m., and I thought I’d post a quick catalog of what I hope to accomplish this week creatively before I get ready for work.

I’m sticking to my “no new items until some of this stuff sells” rule, though I’m relisting a few items every day. I wonder if there are certain times that are more condusive to relisting? When more people are shopping or browsing and more likely to see my moved-up-in-the-search-engine fodder? Maybe around 9 or 10 p.m. EST?

However, I did come up with a holiday item I’d like to see work. Many shops do the holiday thing, and short of a buying incentive I’m going to offer next month, I don’t really do much with Christmas jewelry. I sell what I like, and I don’t like earrings in the shape of Christmas trees or reindeer rings.

I do, however, love my magazine pendants, of which there are currently four. I’m taking this concept and running with it for an idea I have concerning holiday pendants. Let’s just say they include wrapping paper and, possibly, glitter and ribbon. I haven’t decided if they should be marketed to children or just Christmas-happy adults, but in my head at least, they’re cool.

One of the four magazine pendants currently in my shop. It comes with your choice of silver-toned chain or faux suede chain, which is a great neutral dark green/brown color. Click on the image to visit the necklace, which is only $14.

I have one, possibly two, Shop Talk to post. One features a shop I “befriended” through Facebook. Her shop is about a year old, she crochets, and she’s had incredible success. What an inspiration. The second is a shop that just sent me some phenomenal leather earrings I won through a friend’s blog (and, ohhh, just decided I’m going to wear to work today). She, too, has see some mondo success through Etsy, which is so nice to see in such a saturated market like jewelry.

I also plan to make a light box this week. We change the clocks next week, and when I get home from work starting a week from today, it’ll be dark, which makes it impossible to take advantage of the beautiful natural light I use for my Etsy photography. I recently had the opportunity to see a hand-made light box —  not just read the tutorials — and they’re much easier and cheaper than I could have ever imagined.

After the holidays, I’m going to reassess my shop. I adore making jewelry, but with relisting fees and supply costs and the simple amount of time I put into my shop (trust me — it’s a lot), my average of one sale a week isn’t cutting it. My goal isn’t much MORE than that — I want two sales a week, which essentially doubles my current status — but for as much stuff as I have in my shop and as much as I work at promotion, there’s a certain time when you just have to realize: Maybe I’m not selling because I’m just not good at this selling online thing. Which would be fine — better to realize now than another year of one sale a week from now.

My other major goal for this week? To wrap the beau’s birthday gifts! He turns the gorgeous age of 37 on Saturday, and I need to make all his goodies look pretty. I also need to buy his Yay We’ve Been Together A Year! gift online this week. Yes, I get his birthday, an anniversary and Christmas all within a month-and-a-half span. It just means I need to be more creative, but I’ve done pretty good.

To everyone, have a WONDERFUL week, and I hope you’re all as productive as I imagine I’ll be!


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