Some new necklaces over at Jaclyn1423

27 Oct

I just posted two new necklaces in my shop!

I originally purchased this pendant to use on this necklace, but right after I made it, I happened to have the pretty lady pendant on the table, and I couldn’t believe how well she matched the seed beads. When I bought these a-little-larger-than-seed beads, I thought it would be awesome if it could include a removable pendant. The textured shiny gold square worked perfectly.

The second I found over the weekend at Jeffrey’s Antique Gallery in Findlay, Ohio. The place is monstrously huge, and I met a friend from college there. We had way more fun than we had any business having, and I found some incredible jewelry finds, including this wonderful locket, which is in perfect condition. I might have typed up a little message for whomever buys it.

Click on the pic to visit the necklace

It’s going to be hard, but I’m going to try and take a week off for listing new items. I’m nearing 170 items in my shop, and frankly, for jewelry, I think anything more than 150 pieces is overwhelming and overkill. I need to sell a few more pieces before I post more. In my mind, I have a goal of two sales a week, but that’s kind of hit and miss. I’m going to focus instead on relisting a few items when I’d usually be listing new pieces.

Wish me luck! Not posting new things is going to be difficult!


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