Gossip Girl: ‘Easy J’

26 Oct

This week’s episode of “Gossip Girl” proved to be a momentous one:  For the first time all series, I liked Little J.

When the character was introduced in the first season, she was essentially “Dan’s little sister.” She was cute and blond with appropriate blond hair and appropriate make-up. She was innocent, and she looked innocent.

Jenny Humphrey, season 1

Fast-forward three seasons to the finale of Season 3, and Jenny Humphry has two charcoal black eyes and the kind of white-blond weave a cheap hooker wouldn’t be caught dead in, giving it up to the biggest manslut in recent TV history.

Jenny Humphrey, circa now

So what made last night’s “Gossip Girl” so monumental? For the first time, in all those seasons, I liked Little J.  She tried to be a normal human being. And when she started to slip into a bitchdom that can only be pulled off by one Blair Waldorf, she left town.  Excellent.

Did you see the ep? What did you think?

If you get an extra few minutes, be sure to read the Entertainment Weekly review of the episode. I love the EW recaps. A taste:

“At this rate, by season 10, (Serena will) be in a love affair with a 90-year-old oil heir, yet still crushing on Dan and Nate, who by then will have confessed their love for one another.”

One Response to “Gossip Girl: ‘Easy J’”

  1. Suburban Sweetheart October 26, 2010 at 7:36 pm #

    Whoa! I haven’t watched since Season One; I always figure I’ll watch them ALL once the show is over. I hadn’t seen Little J looking this skankalicious! Yikes.

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