Vintage clip-on earrings

25 Oct

So far, at every craft show I’ve attended, I’ve had at least one person ask if I offered any clip-on earrings. I’ve turned more than a few vintage clip-ons into pierced earrings (like these), but I’ve never kept any clip-on earrings as clips.

Until now.

I originally purchased this first pair of awesome leopard-print clips with the intention of snapping off the clip and turning them into pierced studs. However, the rubber cushion is in perfect condition, and honestly, the clips can be worn by anyone. They’re surprisingly comfortable.

Only $9 in my shop. Click on the pic to go there.

The second pair came with a matching and amazing necklace. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with the earrings until I figured, hey, I should just list them as-is. And on? They’re absolutely beautiful.

Only $7 in my shop. Click on the image to go there!

This final pair of earrings came in a baggie full of goodies, the kind where I didn’t know what all would be in there until I got home and could shift through all the pieces. They’re mums, and they’re amazing. One of the clips was a little bent, and I’ve fixed it. You like?

Only $7. Click on the image to go to the earrings.

If you’re reading this and want all three, leave me a note with your purchase, and I’ll refund your PayPal account $7 — that’s like getting one pair free!

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