Happy birthday, November!

24 Oct

Topazes are one of the most beautiful birthstones. The deep autumn yellow/brown of the stone is simply gorgeous and about as close to a yellow diamond as you can get while still being, ya know, affordable.

To promote buying handmade and/or reusable, I scoured Etsy for some of my favorite picks to shower upon November birthdays.  To be taken to the item, just click on the photo.


Love these topaz-colored vintage gems with the iridescent glow by ManoCelebrates.

The wear evident on vintage rings makes them so much more interesting and beautiful than straight-from-the-store. This piece, by Katofmanycolors, is bold and oh-so fabulous. (WordPress is being wonky. My apologies if this caption is appearing with ucky code above the image. I'm not sure why it's misbehaving.)




This necklace is in my shop, Jaclyn1423. A friend sent me this acorn-shaped topaz crystal with rhinestones on it. It had been her grandmother's. I hung it from a vintage-rope chain, and it's one of my favorite pieces in my shop.



For my final gift suggestion, I was actually looking for a scarf, but these gloves were so fabulous, I nixed the scarf idea to include them, by pasin.

Which of these pieces is your favorite? Do you have any other favorite topaz-colored goodies to share? Comment with the link!


One Response to “Happy birthday, November!”

  1. mani October 25, 2010 at 11:57 am #

    Hi There,

    Thanks so much for posting my topaz earrings on your blog!

    Good luck with your bloging and best wishes to your future.

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