Shop Talk: makingtimetc

20 Oct

For our second new and improved Shop Talk, I chose to feature makingtimetc.

My dad is one of the most difficult people to buy for. Not only is he a boy (girls are MUCH easier to buy for — they tend to like sparkles and things that smell good and frames and bags and other easily giftable goodies), but if he wants something, he buys it.

Plus, he likes golf, and anytime a gift season comes around, anyone who purchases him something often goes the golf-related route. It gets a little old, and that leaves me kind of clueless about where to go.

Dad is a major fan of tea, especially Earl Grey. I figured I’d see if I could find anything spunky on Etsy, so I did a search for “Earl Grey.” I found a number of loose leaf teas. I toyed with this idea, but his absolute favorite is one called Sadaf, something he drank growing up in Iran, and my mom orders him Sadaf in bulk online.

I found some cute trinkets, and lots of “Earl Grey”-colored jewelry.

And then, I found the plate.

It was glass, and it said “Earl Grey.” It had a pretty Asian design. And it was a working clock. Yes, please!

Makingtimetc has a variety of goodies in her shop — magnets and coasters and pencil holders — but the bulk of her shop is in these plates-turned-wall clocks. And they’re awesome.

My plate clock arrived quickly and in perfect condition, and my dad really liked it. It intrigued him, I think, and it now hangs over the kitchen desk.

Want to learn more about makingtimetc, AKA Janice Johnson of Traverse City, Mich.? Read on!

How did you come up with such a creative way to make clocks? The original idea came from a magazine several years ago. A couple friends and I were brainstorming to come up with an outlet for our creative juices, and this was one idea that came up. I loved it from the beginning.

How do you decide which plates to use? I try to choose plates that fit into the styles and colors people are looking for. Of course this is a large range, but I lean toward a mix of shabby chic, retro, whimsical and contemporary styles. The teal and turquoise families are always popular, as well as black and white. I have learned at lot over the past few years as to what people are interested in for their homes and offices. It is still a work in progress, and I love the challenge. It is so rewarding when a customer says “It’s just perfect!”

Do you have any other crafty endeavors than the goodies in your Etsy shop? I  also dabble in making earrings. I am a hair stylist, and I sell them in the salon where I work. They make a nice little complement to a new hair style! Earrings are something I like to do because I can travel with my supply box and always have something creative to work on. I keep my designs quite simple but oh-so cute.

Tell me about your favorite Etsy shops. One of the first shops I fell in love with on etsy is dazeychic because I love quotes and her style. I was also so inspired by her success on Etsy.

Another favorite is Amborela because I love the dreamy whimsicality of her work.

Thirdly I would mention Retro Divas because her sarcasm cracks me up, and laughing is one of my favorite things to do.

What’s your favorite item over at makingtimetc? What kind of plate would you like to see made into a clock?

I'd love to hear what you think!

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