New goodies up at Jaclyn1423

17 Oct

I’ve had a big bag of craft wood and a giant bottle of Modge Podge waiting to be used for about a month. I’ve been wanting to turn some of my huge pile of magazines into pretty pendants, but I’ve been hesitant because, frankly, I was worried they’d be ugly.

I was wrong!

I picked an adorable image of a Manolo Blahnik drawing for my first pendant. I centered the pendant along the strip of peonies for this pretty floral and purple piece. I lost count  of how many layers of protective coating there are on this, but suffice it to say: It’s safe for wear. That doesn’t mean you should go swimming in it.

I hope to have more magazine pendants in my shop in the coming weeks.

The second piece I’ve added to my shop is this beautiful dyed howlite, Taiwan turquoise and wire-wrapped bracelet. Howlite is apparently wonderful because it’s so easily dye-able. I just love the turquoise tones in this piece. It has a larger piece of Taiwan turquoise as a focal bead and smaller howlite stones to make up the rest of the bracelet.

If you like these stones, I’ve used them in a few other pieces in my shop. Click here for a pendant of the same beads on a vintage chain. Click here for a gorgeous statement necklace made up of these beads.

For the final new piece in my shop today, I listed a glass pearl bracelet in elegant shades of silver, gold and maroon. I dangled three wire-wrapped beads from the gold-toned lobster claw clasp.

This particular bracelet is made already, though I think a set of these would make wonderful bridesmaid gifts. If you’re interested in having me make multiple bracelets like this, just leave a comment with a way to contact you. I can even use different colors of glass pearl or different findings based on your tastes.

Hope the rest of your Sunday is wonderful!


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