Five awesome things

12 Oct

Recently, a number of pieces of awesomeness has come into my possession. I’ll start with the most recent one, which I can’t get out of my mind because it smells so amazing, staring up at me from the coffee table.

1) Handmade soap! A coworker and I grabbed lunch at a local health food grocer with a tiny cafe inside, and we perused its beauty section after. I love handmade soap, and the store had a great selection. I picked out two: a huge piece of chocolate mint that smells good enough to lick (but I didn’t!) and another that is wrapped in pretty tan and taupe flowered paper with one of my favorite scents — sandalwood. It’s masculine, but it doesn’t make me feel manly.


Chocolate mint (left) and sandalwood!


2) This outstanding tote bag! I’ve admired sweetharvey, a shop on Etsy, for months. I never knew what I wanted, but then I saw this adorable flapper girl (though I think she may look like an Indian?) and said, “Sold!” I use the tote pretty regularly and am thrilled with the quality of the screen printing. The bag came with a letterpress card just for funsies.


(photo: sweetharvey)


3) Obviously, I like handmade jewelry. But when you’re as into frosting yourself as much as I am, you get your collection from all over. I wore one of the coolest necklaces I’ve ever seen to work today, and it came from Macy’s clearance rack. Could I create it myself? Probably. But dangit if it wouldn’t take for-freaking-ever. I don’t particular like seed beads (OK, I hate seed beads), and in this case, I couldn’t reproduce the piece for anywhere near the price at which I bought it.

4) My favorite photographer on Etsy has a shop called Lola’s Room. She currently has a sale in the shop to celebrate its year anniversary, and I partook in a few purchases. I adore the muted but bright colors. I adore the quirky but simple subject matter. I bought two for me and two for my very first Christmas gift of the season! Here’s one of the gorgeous prints I purchased for me:


(photo: Lola's Room)


5) At the Field Museum over the weekend, I purchased two geode slices in the gift shop. I plan to wire-wrap the pink one into a pendant. The other, I want to thread a bail through the hole, using maybe some pretty gold glass seed beads to slip through a chain.

What are some of the neatest new goodies you’ve purchased lately?


2 Responses to “Five awesome things”

  1. Cassia October 13, 2010 at 4:55 am #

    What a lovely collection of things!
    I love the necklace, it’s beautiful.
    Thank you very much for mentioning my shop, I hope you enjoy your prints.

  2. Brandi Powell October 13, 2010 at 12:46 pm #

    Thank you so much for the kind review of my Flapper tote! I can totally see the indian resemblance = hee hee!

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