I missed you! Did you miss me?

7 Oct

Forgive my extended absence. After the conclusion of the monster posting marathon that was Joey’s Auction, I found myself a little burned out on blogging.

It’s been nearly two months, and I’m back again.

As I re-creep into this world, I think it’s necessary to refocus Snap, Crackle, Pop. The blog has certainly morphed hugely from when I started it; it was supposed to be my musings on pop culture. Shortly after starting the blog, I discovered that I love to make jewelry, and I opened up shop on Etsy.

Upcycled belt buckle earrings!

Jewelry and my Etsy musings quickly took over, and most recently, Snap, Crackle, Pop has also served as a sounding board for stories about my brother, who has autism. I will continue to write about Joey. I often find his stories amusing, and sharing them is endlessly therapeutic. If this makes me selfish, then nyah-nuh-nyah-nuh-boo-boo.

I will definitely keep talking about Etsy, but I’d like to introduce some more content related to other sellers. Part of what makes Etsy so cool is the community. I have made “friends” I will likely never meet in person, but they are people I respect who do work I admire. I’d love to feature them and spread the love.

Also, come November/December, please look out for Jaclyn1423’s weekly holiday shopping guide. My guides will be geared toward particular recipients: Folks who want something personalized, folks who love something quirky, writer folks, and the like. Over at my Facebook fan page, I like to post work of shops that make me drool; this shopping guide will let me curate the lists en masse for your perusing — and ideally, purchasing — pleasure.

Vintage bauble and cork necklace

Pop culture commentary likely will never leave Snap, Crackle, Pop completely — I watch too much TV and movies and read too many books and listen to too much music for that. But I think it will continue to take a backseat to those two areas I love more, Joey and jewelry.

So I apologize for my extended absence; I hope you haven’t lost faith in me.

All that being said … I’ll be MIA here for a few days. It’s a busy weekend; my lovely and gorgeous cousin is getting married! Mucho congrats to Sal and Darci.

The aforementioned lovely and gorgeous cousin, with a polka-dotted moi.


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