Displays for craft shows are difficult!

26 Aug

I now have two craft shows under my belt — with a third scheduled over the Sept. 11 and 12 weekend — and between those and the two jewelry parties I’ve had, I can tell you: It is HARD to display jewelry in a flattering matter.

Oh sure, if you have a properly lit glass case, even a hunk of Coke bottle glass will shimmer like the frickin’ Heart of the Ocean. But on a buffet table? In fluorescent lighting? Yech.

Doesn't this awesome vintage jewelry box make you want to dig through the goodies inside?

For the last fest, I did have three spankin’ new jewelry trees — courtesy of the beau and his handiwork — that were amazing. They held more than half my necklaces! That still left necklaces strewn about the table in quite the unflattering manner.

In the past two days, I’ve found two fabulous ways to display jewelry at shows. The first comes from a thrift show. It’s one of those large 1950s-pink jewelry boxes, with crushed velvet inside and tons of dividers. It’s in great vintage condition, and it’s just perfect for showcasing earrings and charms on chains.

Today at Target, I found a second display. It’s unusual, I suppose. Not exactly meant to be a display, but it’s oh-so-perfect for earrings.

It’s a shoe shelf. See?

Look how perfect for holding earrings! It's just a shoe shelf turned on its side.

What awesome and/or unusual finds have you used to display your crafts?


One Response to “Displays for craft shows are difficult!”

  1. Stephanie August 27, 2010 at 9:05 am #

    OOO! I like the shoe shelf!! Good idea 🙂

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