MY earrings! Mine!

24 Aug

I don’t often keep jewelry that I make. People ask if it’s difficult to sell the especially pretty ones. My simple answer? Not really. If you knew how much jewelry I owned, you’d understand why.

Until now, jewelry I made that I’ve kep includes:

  • The bridesmaid sets I made for the bestie’s bridesmaids.
  • The very first vintage brooch-to-necklace I ever made, because the brooch is spectacular.
  • A wordplay necklace that says “bliss.” It was my favorite in the first batch, and it was a little wonky, so I didn’t want to sell it anyway.
  • A simple stretchy bracelet with glass pearls.

Now, you can add to that list a pair of earrings that trump at least three of the four, and maybe even tied with the vintage brooch.

The basis of the earrings are a large gold-toned flower finding I purchased online on a whim. I meant to order the silver-toned finding and was grumpy when I received the shipment and realized I’d ordered wrong.

In the center of the flower, I attached a yellow mother-of-pearl cabochon purchased especially for the earrings. I dangled them from gold-plated ear wire, held them up and thought, “Yeah, I’m so not selling these.”

What do you think?

If you’d like a pair, just let me know, and be sure to specify if you want gold- or silver-toned flowers — I won’t order the wrong ones this time, I promise! I can use a different mother-of-pearl color too, if you like. The earrings will run $20, and let’s go free shipping and handling. It’ll take a week or two for you to receive them as I wait for the flower finding to knock on my door.


I'd love to hear what you think!

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