Jaclyn1423 at a summertime festival

17 Aug

In the middle of Joey’s Auction, I did something a little crazy: I played vendor at a downtown festival.

That action isn’t crazy in its own right, but getting everything prepared in the midst of a two-week commitment wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve done.

However, I am happy to say, Buskerfest went swimmingly.

It was only the second time the festival of street acrobats happened, so I wasn’t sure how many people would find their way to it, let alone to the smattering of vendors off to the side.

At Buskerfest, with my awesome jewelry trees.

I needn’t have worried. Buskerfest attracted thousands, and I did about three times better than I have at any fest previous.

It was a long day, but luckily, the trusty beau tagged along to a) keep me company and b) watch for sticky fingers. He’s a sport, this one, and I can’t even imagine how bored he was. But he doodled in his notebook and looked up when the table was swarmed.

He even made me some jewelry trees the previous night. As I worked to finish some last minute items, he happily drilled away in the garage to come up with three two-feet tall holders. They worked wonders at keeping my necklaces nicely displayed, though when the wind picked up, I was cursing them as necklace after necklace plopped to the table.

I have to admit, I was a bit nervous when we arrived; other vendors’ set-ups were much larger and much “fancier” looking. I looked dinky by comparison.

After two hours — when the attendance really picked up — I got over my worry. I attracted just as much traffic; either shoppers didn’t notice or care that mine was a tinier set-up, or they pitied me.

The earrings I saw on the Buskerfest customer the following day.

The coolest thing about selling at a local event? Seeing your goodies being worn. The following day, the beau and I had TinCaps tickets (minor league baseball, for those outside of Fort Wayne). As we stood in line for our brats and Pepsi, I eyeballed a woman I remembered from the previous day at Buskerfest. She was tall, slim and very pretty. And she had a faux-hawk, which one doesn’t forget.

From her, my eyes strayed to her friend, who I also recognized from the previous day. From there, my eyes strayed to her friend’s earrings.


I literally started jumping up and down in line and yoinked on the beau’s arm.

“Look!” I pointed, trying not to be seen by the buyer because I was acting a little loopy. “I made those!”

Add that to Top Coolest Feelings In The World.


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