I’m a Harry Potter Dress!

31 Jul

When it comes to pop culture, Harry Potter is easily on my list of top favorites. Friends of mine know this. I’d bet strangers even know this — for work last year when “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” came out, I volunteered to go interview the crazies standing in line for the midnight showing.

Meet Lindsay. She'll eat your soul, but you'll like it. (Photo: Dead Vintage)

Dressed as my favorite character.

Ron Weasley.

My friend Lindsay just opened an online shop of vintage dresses, and she told me right before the site’s debut that she named a dress after me.

Then I followed the link she gave me, and my eponymous dress got a million times cooler.

Meet: Jaclyn in Azkaban.

For anyone into vintage clothing, Dead Vintage should certainly be on your radar. Lindsay has impeccable fashion taste and can rock a $4 frock just as easily as a $400 one. Plus, she knows her stuff; during a visit two years ago, she dressed us up as pin-up girls so we could get our portraits taken at JC Penney’s. We looked, it must be said, hawt.

Oh hai. I goes to Azkaban now? (Photo: Dead Vintage)

Even if you’re not into vintage clothing, at least browse the sight. It’s stunning. I’ve subscribed to magazines like “Elle” and “Vogue” for photos like this. The art direction is superb, and the photography is gothic and Victorian, with a touch of Lindsay’s twisted sense of humor.

Jaclyn in Azkaban, indeed.


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