For the autism auction, I’ve collected …

13 Jul

I’ll be collecting handmade goodies for Joey’s Birthday Auction for the rest of the month. So far, I’ve got some amazing donations. I won’t be too specific, but so far, you can bid on goodies to

One of the items I'm donating uses these dyed orange pearls.

  • light a room
  • grace your wrist
  • wear with pj’s
  • munch with coffee
  • make your daughter look adorable
  • toast with wine
  • pray
  • bling your neck
  • send a friend

If you’re crafty and want to donate to help, leave me a comment and a way to get in touch with you.


One Response to “For the autism auction, I’ve collected …”

  1. Jenny Sydloski July 26, 2010 at 3:29 pm #

    Hi, Jaclyn. I have been introduced to you informally through my son, Kit Sydloski, and his girlfriend, Amanda Beglin. They both have enjoyed your friendship tremendously. Amanda gifted me with a one of a kind Jaclyn necklace. Anyway, I have been following your Jaclyn1423 Etsy site for quite some time. You are very talented. I think it is wonderful that you are sponsoring a fund raiser for your brother, Joey. If you are interested, I have a crocheted premie afghan with a few premie hats that I would like to donate. I can send photos (it won’t hurt my feelings if you say no). Because I live in Fort Wayne, I can hand deliver anywhere in the city to save you some time. My e-mail is: and my cell is: 260.602.2722. Thanks, Jenny Sydloski ( proud Grandmama of Penny & Darcy!)

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