I’m worthy, and you can, too!

11 Jul

I’m feeling a little down at the moment, and a Web site I follow on Twitter, SoulPancake (is that not a terrific Web name?) asked me to list five things that make me worthy.

I’m not someone who lacks in the self-worth department. I view myself realistically. I know what I’m good at and what I’m not, what is pleasing about me and what is not, what I know and what I don’t. I don’t consider myself conceited or self-depreciating, but this little prompt is something, I think, I could use right now.

I am worthy because

  1. I do not hold hold grudges.
  2. I am loving.
  3. I prefer mountains and rivers and the outdoors to pretty much anything man-made, except a good book.
  4. I look at people and see the beauty first.
  5. I am sensitive.

That last one is kind of my least-favorite thing about myself. And when I say “kind of,” I mean 120 percent, abso-frickin-lutely my least favorite quality about myself.

However, maybe it’s time I start viewing that as a good thing? Looking at my list of five, I think maybe those first four are possible because of the sensitivity. This is the first time, as I type this, that I’ve ever realized that.

Tell me five reasons why you’re worthy. It may or may not brighten your day, but it’s worth a shot.

(Original idea from SoulPancake.)


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