Attn: Crafters for a cause — for autism!

7 Jul

On Aug. 16, my baby brother turns 21 years old.

Any time a younger sibling hits a milestone age, it’s jarring. When they learn to drive, are allowed to purchase porn or can legally stumble their drunk asses home from a night at the local pub, it makes you go, “What the hell?”

I introduced Joey's Hot Dogs necklaces to my Etsy shop in April for Autism Awareness month. Five dollars of every sale goes toward autism research.

When that 21-year-old brother still lives at home and doesn’t  talk, it’s a whole new set of head shaking “huh?”

To those who are new to Snap, Crackle, Pop, my brother Joey has autism. He’s near the middle on the spectrum of severity, but he cannot talk, which makes things seem much worse than they are.

To celebrate his birthday — much the way I celebrated Autism Awareness Month in April — I’m doing something a little special to raise some money for autism research.

April saw the revealing of Joey’s Hot Dogs. This time, it’s auction time.

From Aug. 1 to Aug 16, I will post new auction items to my blog, and I’m on the prowl for those auction items. Folks will bid in the comments. Each post will indicate when the auction is over, so the winner will be whomever has the highest bid as of quittin’ time.

Do you have anything you’d like to donate? Leave me a comment here and a way to contact you. I’d like to have a list of auction items finalized by the last week of July. I’m looking for jewelry, photography, knit ware, soaps, candles, anything at all that you made and would like to see auctioned off for a good cause.

Questions and comments, as always, are very welcome, too. In advance, I thank you!


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