100th sale! That means there’s a $14.23 giveaway

29 Jun

Sarah, who purchased such bright and fun custom bridesmaid jewelry from Jaclyn1423, won the $14.23 giveaway for my shop's 100th sale. Congrats!

Today, Jaclyn1423 hit its 100th sale!

(That is, the Etsy shop hit its 100th sale. Through various craft shows, jewelry parties and non-shop sales, Jaclyn1423 actually has more sales than that, but for the sake of this blog, we’re going with sale No. 100.)

When Jaclyn1423’s Facebook fan page hit its 100th fan, we had a $14.23 giveaway; I liked that so much that I decided to do another one for my Etsy shop. I plan to continue the giveaways at every 100 mark on Facebook and Jaclyn1423.

I went to random.org and asked the site to pick a random number between 1 and 100. Once it did, I counted back from my first sale to find the corresponding buyer.

It was Mary. Mary of the I-won-the-Facebook-giveaway Mary. That means she’s disqualified from this one, but I’m highly amused that she would have won again (sorry Mary!!).

This time around, the winner of the $14.23 giveaway is Etsy buyer smiko1216, who purchased custom bridesmaids jewelry from me in March. Congrats to you, Sarah!

Read on for more of the details of how the giveaway works.

  • The winner of this giveaway receives $14.23 to spend how she likes at Jaclyn1423.
  • That money is good for anything in the shop except custom orders and Joey’s Hot Dogs.
  • It may be used one more than one item, but it must be used at once. If a full order, plus S&H, totals $12,  the extra $2.23 will not be able to be used toward another purchase. If the full order totals $16 including S&H, the extra $1.77 can be paid through PayPal or check. All money will be refunded through PayPal.

Questions? Just shoot them my way. Leave a comment here, or send a convo to my Etsy shop.

Congrats, Sarah!

One Response to “100th sale! That means there’s a $14.23 giveaway”

  1. Mary June 30, 2010 at 11:36 am #

    hahahahaaaa Apparently random.org just REALLY LIKES ME. 😛

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