Thoughts on ‘SYTYCD’

10 Jun

My favorite reality show is back! I’ve missed thee so, “So You Think You Can Dance.”

Here are some early thoughts on the show. Be prepared for some scattered live blogging in the future weeks. I watch this show solo, and it was so much fun when I could gab about it with my mom when I lived at home. So you guys will suffice to get my stream-of-consciousness comments.

* I’m seriously loving the idea of getting rid of only one dancer a week and bringing back past favorites. But a question: Part of the joy of the show has been watching amazing partnerships form. I’m assuming these dancers won’t be paired with the same “all star” each week? They’ll instead be paired with dancers from the correct genre? This means we won’t see that kind of partnership grow.

* I’m angry at “SYTYCD” for dismissing Anthony Burrell, the amazing contemporary fellow who blew Alex Wong out of the water with that group dance that also include Wapakoneta Kent. He did all that fabulosity with a PULLED HAMSTRING. And you never could tell. Incredible dancer, incredibly stupid decision

* I missed the first 15 minutes of last night’s episode. I’m blanking on her name, but what happened with the incredible Iranian girl? Her muscles and moves were jaw-dropping. Nevermind that when she was first shown during auditions, she walked on stage and I thought, “Look at that nose! That chick’s Iranian.” Takes one to know one ((showcases own schnoz proudly)).

* So … there’s one hip hopper in b-boy in Jose Ruiz? And one ballroomer in Christina Santana? Alex Wong does ballet … is EVERYONE else a contemporary dancer? Yes, it’s my favorite genre to watch, but geez man. “So You Think You Can Dance” brands itself as the show that looks for, not the best dancer but America’s favorite dancer. Frankly, my favorites are usually the hip hoppers ((blows kisses to Twitch and Legacy)) and the ballroomers (I’m still angry that Jeanette lost as early as she did).

* I cheered that Nigel drove to Wapakoneta. I really did.

Early favorites: Lauren Froderman, the cheerleader I wanted to punt off the stage when she “sexily” auditioned to “Let’s Get it On” because for her, “sexy” translated into “Velveeta factory.” However, that “At Last” solo sexy despite, and in part due to, the peppy. And it truly displayed her technical skill. Favorite No. 2: Jose Ruiz, because I love me a hiphopper with no training who can nail the other genres.

Your favorites?


One Response to “Thoughts on ‘SYTYCD’”

  1. Pam June 10, 2010 at 7:21 pm #

    Yaaay now that I work mornings I can follow your live-blog!

    The Iranian girl bowed out. She said it was because college was more important (or something similar), but the judges said they thought it was because she got too much negative critique, and she thought she was better than that. It was a shame, she was really good.

    I, too, couldn’t believe they cut Anthony Burrell. Forget Alex Wong, what about that other contemporary guy no one knows anything about? Why show so much of Anthony to give the slot to someone unknown to the viewership? The judges can’t really expect this Robert (?) kid to win. (Now that I’ve said that, he’s going to win. Oh dear.)

    I’m going to miss the diversity, too, but I’m so excited for the previous contestants to return. Mostly Pasha, Neil and Ade. I like eye candy.

    Can’t wait for the competition to get going!

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