The scenes where you laugh so hard, you get dizzy

7 Jun

It was the furry wall that did it.

I loved “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” and Russell Brand stole every scene he was it. It only made sense to pull him out and feature him with straight man Jonah Hill for the new “Get Him to the Greek.”

There are certain scenes in cinema that cause me to hyperventilate with laugher. I might nearly fall off the chair or just start giggling incessantly when I’m so much as preparing to watch the scene. “Greek” has one of those scenes. I won’t ruin it for anyone who hasn’t seen the flick, but suffice it to say that the offending scene involves a drug called “Jeffrey” (innocent-sounding enough, no?) and a wall of fur.

Need to figure out if that scene is enough to see the full movie for? Well, you can either trust me that it is, or you can compare it to my other two inexplicably fabulous scenes:

* The scene takes place in “Bruce Almighty.” The film is funny enough, though it’s probably not anyone’s favorite Jim Carrey film. The scene, however, makes the whole movie worth it. Remember when Carey’s God fiddles with Steve Carell’s anchor Evan Baxter? It’s silly and nonscene and makes me snort every time.

* The second scene is probably a little more well-loved and universal: Abigail Breslin’s dance performance in the Little Miss Sunshine competition. Holy God, I die every time. “Is he here? Where’s your grandpa right now?” “In the trunk of our car.”

Which movie scenes make you literally gasp for breath for the laughter? And has anyone else seen “Get Him to the Greek”?


One Response to “The scenes where you laugh so hard, you get dizzy”

  1. Suburban Sweetheart June 7, 2010 at 9:46 pm #

    I saw “Get Him to the Greek.” I thought the Vegas scene in general was the least funny of the film, except for the furry wall… which had me dying, & made up for everything else!

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