How I use my Facebook fan page

2 Jun

I’ve come across a number of Etsy forum posts discussing the use of Facebook fan pages. Sellers wonder if they’re worth the time.

I take my pics outside, and it was way too cloudy today to get any good ones today. So forgive the cruddy quality -- but aren't they fun??

My say: Absolutely.

The main reason I love my fan page is the interaction I get to have with the fans. Often, that interaction is simply a “like” or a short little comment, but it’s one of the only ways everyone can interact with one another.

I can also ask questions directly. I did that today, and I used fans’ comments in some pieces I made this evening.

I recently ordered some metal frames and glass domes. I have an amazing old typewriter, and I’ve been wanting to use it in my jewelry for a while now.

So I asked my fans, if they were going to wear a word on their neck, what word would they wear? I figured they could come up with some great ideas that I’d never consider.

Man, they didn’t disappoint. Tune in later this week for a “chocolate” necklace, a “bite me” necklace, a “mañana” necklace and more.

To other Etsy sellers, do you use a Facebook fan page? What do you like most about them? To other Etsy buyers, do you like interacting with sellers on their fan pages? Why or why not?

And also: If you were going to wear a word, what word would you wear? (Say that five times fast.)


One Response to “How I use my Facebook fan page”

  1. Suburban Sweetheart June 2, 2010 at 11:03 pm #

    Those are so cute!

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