Giveaway at 100 sales!

25 May

I have made 88 sales so far at Jaclyn1423! I’m proud of myself, and I know I will feel even more so when I hit that 100th sale mark.

If you win the $14.23 giveaway and choose, for example, this necklace, it would end up costing you only $2.77.

To celebrate, and to thank everyone who has supported me and my shop, once I hit that mark, I will do a drawing. will pick a number 1 to 100, and whomever made that sale — say, the fifth, or the 62nd — will win $14.23 to spend however they like in my shop.

I did this with Jaclyn1423’s 100th Facebook fan, and the winner chose a lovely pair of sterling and adventurine dangles. With her $14.23, she paid only $2.77 for the earrings. The pictured necklace would cost the same.

Want to know more of the boring rules and such? Follow the jump!

1) You are only permitted to win one $14.23 giveaway. (Sorry, Mary 🙂 )

2) This amount does include S&H.

Gumdrop necklaces!

3) The amount is not good for Joey’s Hot Dogs or custom orders.

4) The amount must be used at one time. If you opt, for example, for a gumdrop necklace, you will spend $12 plus the $2 S&H. That means you’d lose the 23 cents. If you choose not to use the full giveaway, simply mark that you will pay by check when you purchase the item, and don’t worry about sending any payment.

5) If you spend more than $14.23, I will refund your PayPal account the amount. If you opt to pay by check, I will convo you with the total amount due.

Questions? Comments? Just leave a comment or send me a convo!


2 Responses to “Giveaway at 100 sales!”

  1. Suburban Sweetheart May 25, 2010 at 8:34 pm #

    Cute idea. 🙂 You’re such an Etsy savant these days!

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