Some of my best antique’ing finds yet, and a whole lot of First Line Tests

23 May

The beau and I made a 45-minute trek to a little town north of here where there were antique stores — and a heckuva used book store — galore.

At the antique store, I made a few buys. My favorite, however, is just fun. One thing I love about Etsy is how ecclectic the site is. You can find just about anything on there: crime scene photos of Barbie’s murder? Check. Stuffed uterus? Check. Barry Manilow record bowl? Check, check and check.

So when I found a teeny box full of dollhouse books, I knew I had to turn them into pendants. To keep you in suspense, all I’ll share is this: The beau already called the “Imperial Atlas of the World.” And I know a few people who’d love the “Webster’s Dictionary,” too.

As for the bookstore finds, anywhere I can buy two Stephen King hardbacks and spend $15 total is my kind of place. I buy books at a much faster pace than I can read them, so who knows when I’ll make it through this stash. Instead of real reviews, then, I’ll give you the first line of each:

  • “No one — least of all Dr. Litchfield — came right out and told Ralph Roberts that his wife was going to die, but there came a time when Ralph understood without needing to be told.” ~Insomnia, Stephen King
  • “The temperature hit ninety degrees the day she arrived.” ~ Valley of the Dolls, Jacqueline Susann
  • “‘My stars and garters!’ muttered Scrooge McDuck as he dashed through the streets of Ducksburg. ~Donald Duck: The Lost Jungle City, which does not appear to have an author
  • “‘Oh! Oh, Jesus! Gross!” ~Desperation, Stephen King (as far as First Line Tests go, this one is the best of this bunch)
  • “Riff Lorton looked at the wristwatch he had rolled off a drunk the week before, saw it was about nine o’clock, and groaned because most of the night was still ahead.” ~ West Side Story by Irving Shulman

Based on my First Line Test, which book would you read first?


One Response to “Some of my best antique’ing finds yet, and a whole lot of First Line Tests”

  1. Suburban Sweetheart May 23, 2010 at 5:12 pm #

    I’d certainly go with Desperation!

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