Finding some Donald-lovin’ on Etsy

21 May

Once a week (OK, fine, like three times a week) I do an Etsy search for “Donald Duck.” As a ridiculous Donald collector, I’m always on the lookout for new and fabulous Donald finds. My favorites are the ones I can actually use or that are completely unique, ie: not found in The Disney Store.

I’ve found some pretty incredible Donald goodies on Etsy. The one I use the most is probably the Donald cigarette case. I use it to hold my excess cards and plastic coupons that don’t fit in my wallet.

I purchased this from an Etsy shop called simplyneckties, but it appears the account is no longer active.

The Truant Officer Donald stationery by janetstore is pretty sweet and definitely screams “JACLYN SENT THIS LETTER!!” And the paper wallet by mibolsa, while not something I use, is too incredibly adorable. I toyed with using it, but I’d hate to bend the little sucker.

Super cute stationery by janetstore.

This awesome wallet is laminated and features a page from a book, by mibolsa.

Then there’s the Donald sundress I received as a gift. I showed it to my bestie last year so she could make fun of me (I’m not delusional at least, I know this collection is utterly ridiculous). I planned to watch for it at eviegreenpixie‘s shop, waiting for it to go on sale so I could snatch it up. Finally, it did … and then it was gone. Someone else bought my dress!!!! Who the heck else on this planet would want — and wear — a Donald sun dress? I was half heartbroken and have thrilled to know I had a kindred spirit, somewhere.

When I saw the bestie next, she gave me my birthday gift. It was totally my dress. I wore it the day she got married when we were all getting ready. This picture rocks my world.

I really wish this photo wasn't so dark, but posing with a gorg bride and her veil while wearing a Donald Duck sun dress was just too frickin' cool. And very "us."

My most recent Donald purchase, however, is definitely the most personal. In fact, it was made for me. Literally.

I’ve always loved those mixed media journals on Etsy, the ones that mix mismatched papers and envelopes with a small binding along the side. There’s usually very little blank paper but lots of spots to write or jot notes, so long as you don’t mind the clutter.

I found a seller, pitchmom, with very reasonably priced mixed media journals, and she had a number of Disney-themed ones. I convo’d her to see if she’d be willing to rock me a Donald journal, and she was more than happy to oblige. I asked for a few extra envelopes because I plan to take the journal on vacation in a month or so, and sometimes, I like to save receipts and the like.

This angry little dude is attached to an envelope. Yes, that's sheet music on the next page.

This freaked out duck is from a children's book.

And this polite little guy happens to be my favorite in the journal. I love you, too, Puppyface. He's on a type of folder with a piece of Disney stationery inside and a large sticker.

The current Donald object of my lust? Nazi Donald sheet music by RuggyDesign. Oh yes, Donald was the star of some crazy World War II propaganda, and this sheet music is painfully, ridiculously, amazingly cool.

Have you ever used Etsy to fuel an insane collection? What’s your favorite find?

2 Responses to “Finding some Donald-lovin’ on Etsy”

  1. Suburban Sweetheart May 21, 2010 at 10:41 pm #

    What a funny, quirky collection. I love it!

    I… don’t collect anything… maybe I should start?

  2. Stephanie May 24, 2010 at 9:16 am #

    You are special, my dear….but I love you anyway 🙂

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