Just posted: I Love My necklaces

17 May

A friend recently lamented how hard it was to find a stylist-themed necklace for her hair dresser, so I offered to make one for her.

Seriously, how honkin' cute are those charms?

I swear, the range of charms that are available are endless and, often, adorable. For my friend, I found a comb, pair of scissors, hair dryer and (my personal favorite) a can of hair spray. How cute is that??

I now offer what I’m calling I Love My necklaces in my Etsy shop. The idea is for you to pick whichever charms you like to best suit your recipient — or yourself!

Other examples: If I were to make my cousin Alexxa one, I’d put a scales of justice (she just graduated and plans to go into law), a “2010” charm, the scissors (she went to beauty school, too) and a dumbbell, because she’s won or placed in her university’s body toning competition for the past few years.

For me, I’d include a pen, a daisy, a book and a a Donald duck. I’d make a mommy one for my friend Stephanie, with a “2010” charm and a topaz-colored Swarovski, because her baby is due in November.

The possibilities are endless. Want to know more? Just shoot me a convo at my Etsy site or leave a comment here with your e-mail address.

Yes, this sterling silver little book would definitely go on an I Love My necklace for moi.

I'd love to hear what you think!

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