$159.13 for autism!

1 May

Sometime last year, I decided I wanted to put a puzzle piece on a necklace. I had brilliant ideas of asking all my artistic friends to paint a blank puzzle. Then, I would pull the pieces apart, pop a small hole in them, insert a brad, coat them and thread a chain through the bradded hole.

Cathy and Harvey, Rockford, Ill.

Ambitious, yes. Doable, not so much.

The idea is that my puzzle piece would symbolize autism, and I would donate a chunk of each sale to Autism Speaks or another autism organization. The problem was that with all the hours required to put into those puzzle pieces, I’d have to charge $25 or more for the necklace — and I wanted these necklaces to be cute, yes, but I also wanted them to be affordable. I wanted the price to cover costs and have enough left over that I could give a majority to autism.

After having a friend paint a puzzle for me, and after ruining a good number of those puzzle pieces trying to find an appropriate semi-gloss, I abandoned the project for a few months.

Some time in February, another friend asked about the project. We chatted a bit, and I started to get excited again. I knew my painted puzzles weren’t going to work, but maybe I could find a puzzle charm to take the artsy puzzle’s place. It wouldn’t be as creative, and it wouldn’t be as bright, but maybe I could add a small pop of color another way.

Stephanie, East Peoria, Ill.

Thus, Joey’s Hot Dogs in their current form were born. I released them on April 1 — one month ago — in conjunction with a larger promotion at Jaclyn1423 — 25 percent of all other sales would go to Autism Speaks, except for custom orders, where $2 from each would go to the group.

I told myself if I managed to raise at least $100 from these three means, I would be happy. This, admittedly, was a lofty goal, especially considering my best month of sales previously had been March, where I made 10 sales. To hit $100, I needed to make twice that many sales in Joey’s Hot Dogs alone. Which means people had to like them.

In April, I sold 29 Joey’s Hot Dogs (plus another two today, May 1). I gave two away, one to my mom and one to a friend who was so encouraging. Between the hot dogs and other sales, I raised $159.13 for Autism Speaks. That number, I’m embarrassed to say, makes me tear up a little.

Joey’s Hot Dogs can currently be found in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Tennessee, Texas, Oregon and Ontario — oh, yes, we’re international.

Natalie and Louis, Liberty Township, Ohio

I asked people who bought hot dogs to please send me some pictures of themselves wearing their necklaces. To everyone who did: THANK YOU. You all get 25% off a full order at Jaclyn1423 — just leave in the note to sender: “You  have my pretty picture!” or something along those lines.

Click through the jump to see the rest of those photos and to see some wonderful testimonials about the necklaces. April may be over, but Joey’s Hot Dogs aren’t going anywhere. $5 from all sales, from here on out, will go to autism organizations.

I got my necklace. It is sooooo cute and love the packaging and the note in there. ~Helen, Spring Hill, Tenn.

Super cute! ~Jen, Manteno, Ill.


I absolutely adore it. ~Pam, Beaumont, Texas


I ❤ it 🙂 ~Lauren, Struthers, Ohio

Thank you for making such a meaningful charm and donating to a good cause. ~Lisa, Eugene, Ore.

Thanks for this amazing project. ~Natalie, Chicago Ridge, Ill.

I love this idea. I will wear this necklace with pride. ~Jenni, Franklin, Ohio


I love this. I bought it the minute I saw it. Bless you and your brother, and may one day a cure for this be found. ~Kristin, Bourbonnais, Ill.

That hot dog totally put a smile on my face even after a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. ~Alisha, Hamilton, Ohio


This project is a great example of how we can raise awareness and funds for causes we are passionate about. … Jaclyn’s treasures are always cute in her photos, but they completely steal my heart when I see them in person. Love this necklace, and I love talking about the wonderful cause it supports when people ask why I am wearing a hot dog around my neck!!! 🙂 ~Dana, Stow, Ohio


I cannot think of a better way to support your brother.  This necklace stands for so much more than autism awareness.  It represents a sister’s love and support for her brother, and it is making a difference to other families that are now or will be affected by autism. ~Shirley, Raleigh, NC

These necklaces are a genius, unique way to honor her brother and raise money. I love this concept and the fundraising aspect. The piece is gorgeous and dealing with Jaclyn was fantastic. ~Joyce, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Joyce and Donald

Ava loves her new hot dog necklace!! Hot dogs for autism! ~Heidi, Dayton, Ohio


These are beautiful, and it’s wonderful that you are donating to such a wonderful cause. ❤ ~Sandra, Ontario, Canada

That's me, rockin' a Joey's Hot Dog, and saying thank you, from the very bottom of my heart.


3 Responses to “$159.13 for autism!”

  1. Jen May 1, 2010 at 7:41 pm #

    Thank YOU! It was so awesome of you to do this & I’m so very glad that it was such a smashing success! You rock!

  2. Joyce May 1, 2010 at 10:30 pm #

    So, the picture from Friday is waaaaay better than the double headed one. Great post.


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