‘Put it in a Love Song’

7 Apr

Just got the new Alicia Keys album for Easter (yes, my mom still makes me an Easter basket, what of it?), and it hasn’t left my car stereo. I’m a huge fan, and this album is not a let down.

Her duet with Beyonce is, however, the best song on the album. Hands down. No question. And this is among a number of fabulous numbers.

If you can listen to this without doing Beyonce’s Get the Sperm Out dance from “Single Ladies” (I totally stole that title from The Sassmouth Chronicles) at 1:50, you are boring.

The only dud on the CD? Her solo version of “Empire State of Mind.” I love the popular one with Jay-Z, which is surprising because I don’t really like Jay-Z. I fully expected her version to rock its socks off. It does not. It doesn’t even rock. It’s slow, and it’s kind of meh (well, “meh” compared to the original). Listen for yourself.

Now, please, gush about A+B.

One Response to “‘Put it in a Love Song’”

  1. Stephanie April 8, 2010 at 9:47 am #

    love love love this song!!! it will be a must download!! i’m dancing at my desk 🙂

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