Quoted and Noted: ‘Glee’

6 Apr

“I liked church and was obsessed with the Crucifixion and leprosy and the pope. I would stand in church with my arms spread for an hour, doing penance for my sins because you can’t be the pope if you sin. The nuns told my parents something was wrong with me.” ~Ryan Murphy, executive producer and co-creator of “Glee,” “Rolling Stone,” April 15, 2010

“‘Do I really sound like that? What’s wrong with me? I sound like a chipmunk! I don’t want to be alive anymore.’ Every year of adolescence, I’d ask my family doctor, ‘Is my voice ever going to change?’ ‘Are you shaving?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘How long have you been shaving?’ ‘About a year.’ ‘Oh, you’re screwed.'” ~Chris Colfer, who plays Kurt on “Glee,” “Rolling Stone,” April 15, 2010


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