The Kindle is the devil, and it is tempting me

13 Dec

For as far back as I’ve been imagining Adult Life, living in a house and being a Grown-Up and the like, the only real room I could see with any clarity is the library. It will be a room with a window, with floor-to-ceiling shelves, and it will house every book I own. It is because of this room that I do not check books out from the library, for I will need to own plenty to fill this room.

Now, why would you want a Kindle when you can have one of these? Mine will be cooler, though.

It will have deep brown walls and a chocolate leather arm chair. The window will have a ledge for me to nestle, filled with cushions. The room will have a globe, and an antique map of the world.

But the most important part, naturally, is the books.

It is therefore not surprising why I find the Kindle and other such readers to be the devil; they utterly negate the need for books, which are more than a few of my favorite things.

The logical woman in me understands that, for students especially, these things are miraculous. The ability to hold hundreds of textbooks, all in a sleek and light little contraption?

My cousin got one as an early Christmas gift, and she let me play with it. Kind of astounding. The best part of it? She told me about her aunt who has one, who says she found herself reading more because the thing is more portable than a paperback. She’d even bring it to the bathroom and read while she dried her hair. You just can’t do that with a book.

I thought of this today at lunch. I went to a local Thai place for some soup and steamed dumplings. I read until the waitress brought me my food. I put my book away so I would not spill on it, and because it’s difficult to hold open a book with one hand. I thought, “If I had a Kindle, I would be able to read AND eat.”

And then: “No! Satan be gone!” Naturally, that made me get out of my book and deal with some one-handed reading.

I don’t want reader. I truly don’t. They don’t smell like books, or feel like them.

And you sure as hell can’t stock a library with them.

But man, I’d love to read while I dried my hair.

3 Responses to “The Kindle is the devil, and it is tempting me”

  1. Andy December 13, 2009 at 11:06 pm #

    I totally know what you mean. They are really awesome (especially the Nook), but I like the tactile experience of a book. And — I’m not gonna lie — I like displaying my reading materials for everyone to see.

  2. Jon December 14, 2009 at 2:59 am #

    This made me think of this:

  3. phoenixark December 17, 2010 at 9:31 am #

    Ah, some say the internet is the devil too, but apart from the pure joy of a beautiful library, isn’t it about what’s inside those books?

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