Give me avatar help!

22 Nov

Howdy all! I’ve been absent for a while. Just haven’t had much to say, and isn’t it nice to have a blog where I don’t have to force myself to post daily?? (I’ve done a number of blogs for work before. It can get frustrating to force a post.)

Should this be my avatar? I love how bright and fun it is, and it's certainly eye-catching. However, it's purely vintage. I bought it as is, though I did clean it up and fix a few things.

Yesterday and today, I worked an indy craft fair at a local bookshop. For as few people as showed up, I’m quite pleased with how I did. I can only imagine how things would have gone had more people actually known about the fair!

I sold a few pieces: one long, vintage necklace with purple dangles from it; a multi-strand silver necklace with a long dagger-shaped pendant; a handful of bracelets and necklaces from a bucket I marked “bargain bin,” full of jewelry I tried to sell at my first craft fair last year at prices waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay higher than a sane person would have marked them (this weekend, they were $5 each or three for $12 — much better); and a few other things, including those fabulous yellow dangle earrings found in my avatar at Jaclyn1423.

It’s been a good avatar. I’ve enjoyed working with it; however, I think it’s time we part ways. It’s bright and eye-catching and a good representation of my shop, though I would prefer that my avatar be an item currently for sale, should someone see it and want it.

So this is where you come in; what item at Jaclyn1423 should be my avatar?  It needs to be something large and bold enough to stand out at only 1-by-1 inches, and it needs to be something that does a good job of showing the kind of goodies I have at my shop.

Or maybe this should be my avatar? Now that those yellow earrings are gone, it has the most hearts on my shop, and a lot of people stopped to admire it at the craft fair.

The pics I included here are ones I think might be able to work. Do you like them? Or is there something else you’d like to see? Comment with the link, and let me know what you think!

One Response to “Give me avatar help!”

  1. Joyce November 22, 2009 at 7:22 pm #

    I think for the pending holiday season, you should use these:

    And, then, the crayon colored baubles after that.

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