Shop Talk: Vintage Design Studio

4 Nov

In describing her Etsy shop, “Vintage Design Studio,” and work space, Carie Good writes, ” I think it is a little long and cumbersome for Etsy, but it is me, and I love my little sewing studio with the crammed cupboards under the eaves of my old Vermont farmhouse.”

What a beautiful setting she paints! Get to know more about Carie and her shop below in this edition of Shop Talk, brought to you by Jaclyn1423.

Name: Carie Good

Hometown: Woodstock, Vt. (No, not THAT Woodstock. that was in New York 🙂 )

Shop name: Vintage Design Studio


This pumpkin-colored pillow with the antique crochet is a favorite.

Is there any meaning behind the name of your shop? When I first began selling my pillows (about five years ago) through local boutiques and antique stores, I used the name “Vintage Collections” because I felt that described where I was coming from. When I decided to add my own online shop and tried to register my domain name, I discovered that Vintage Collections was already taken and had to do with repossessing classic cars or some such thing! I tried out lots of “vintage” names, but “Vintage Design Studio” seemed to describe best what I am about: designing pillows using vintage linens in my little studio. So it has been my business name since. I think it is a little long and cumbersome for Etsy, but it is me, and I love my little sewing studio with the crammed cupboards under the eaves of my old Vermont farmhouse.

When did you join Etsy? I joined in March but then broke my arm and didn’t begin listing until June of this year.

How did you get started with your shop? My daughter kept raving about Etsy. “Mom, it’s the only place I shop anymore, and you REALLY should open a shop there,” she’d say, so I did. But my fascination with old linens goes way, way back. I used to love the smell of ironing and starching my mother’s damask and embroidery tablecloths when I was younger, and I began collecting those amazing pieces of needlework art made by whole generations of women. But I was afraid to actually use them for fear of ruining them! I have been a seamstress since forever, so I simply turned my attention to re-purposing these lovely linens into something useful for my home and, hopefully, for yours!

Tell me about one of your favorite items that have been or is currently up for sale on Etsy. I love this yummy, rich pumpkin-orange flax/linen and the delicate crochet piece feature on the front of the pillow. There is one larger and two smaller pillows, and when they’re gone, I’ll miss them.

How would you define “success” in terms of your Etsy shop? I suppose success is a state of mind. Success right now is views and hearts. The fact that people look and browse and heart items is such a good feeling! I wouldn’t mind, though, if success meant actually making a living from my business at some point!

What is the coolest compliment you’ve gotten for something in your shop? “I’m a designer, working in Vermont. Could I add a link to your shop from my Web site? You do beautiful work!” Wow, that one made my day.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? I’m a great recycler at heart, and I love being in the niche with other hand-makers, re-using what has already been created and adding to the sum total beauty of this world through hand-made, useable art.


2 Responses to “Shop Talk: Vintage Design Studio”

  1. Carie November 5, 2009 at 9:16 am #

    Thanks, Jaclyn, for this feature. It makes a special way to start my day!

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