Black branches and rhinestones

29 Oct

A coworker and I like to take our lunch break and explore antique stores. I look for vintage jewelry or weird Donald Duck things; she looks for scary baby dolls and old images who look like they’d eat you if they ever crawled out of their frame.GEDC1738

During our last outing, I found a stash of amazing jewelry, including this outstanding … what was it, exactly? It looked like branches. Each was very flexible, with clusters of black beads and rhinestones scattered among the “branches.” Attached to a slim wire at the end was a bobby pin. I suppose that made this a hairpiece.

Too bad I couldn’t stop picturing it on a lovely clavicle. Whether atop a solid color turtle neck or gracing a bare decolletage, this find is amazing.

I secured the slim wire and looped it so I could thread the piece on a sterling silver wire. It’s such a contradiction — dainty and elegant and fragile, but this piece is about 3-by-4-inches. Definitely not small.

I hope you like it!

Follow the jump for a few more pics!



One Response to “Black branches and rhinestones”

  1. Christina October 29, 2009 at 7:49 pm #

    Unusual and lovely.

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