Shop Talk: paintingsbyjude

28 Oct

This week, Jaclyn1423 brings you paintingsbyjude, an Etsy shop that specializes in paintings. The shop announcements say, “My inspiration is to paint flowers, landscapes, butterflies, cats, dogs, etc. in acrylic, oil & watercolor mediums.”

Read on to learn more!

Name: Jude Maceren

Hometown: Piscataway, NJ


Jude writes about this image, "I love painting the face of a cat and making it look like a person's face with the flower and bow. This is a tuxedo cat art print 11x14-inch unframed.

Is there any meaning behind the name of your shop? I do a lot of paintings, and since this is my passion, I would like everyone to know what I like. By that they will know me.

When did you join Etsy? May 30, 2006

How did you get started with your shop? I did a lot of paintings and created prints out of them, so I figured  Etsy is the perfect place to sell my prints and a few originals.

Tell me about one of your favorite items that have been or is currently up for sale on Etsy? This colorful butterfly print is currently up for sale. Butterflies are one of my favorite subject matters in my painting. This particular one is a popular item. I created the original art, which has been sold already, with acrylic on canvas.

How would you define “success” in terms of your Etsy shop? Success is something that I love to do — which is painting — and through this, people love it and generate my income out of it.

What is the coolest compliment you’ve gotten for something in your shop? One of my buyers really loved my Siamese cat art print, and she didn’t care paying more to have it shipped to the UK.

What are the most popular items in your shop? My cat art, then my florals, surrealism art and landscapes.

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