Shop Talk: Tucancreations

21 Oct

This edition of Shop Talk, brought to you by Jaclyn1423, features Tucancreations, an Ety shop of wonderful handbags. Writes Jeanean in her shop announcements,

“Congratulations on your decision to stray from the marketplace of cookie cutter handbags that are made across the sea in a foreign factory. The great thing about buying handmade is that you have a one-of-a-kind item that you won’t see 15 other women carrying on their arms! Why spend much more than $20 to $40  for a bag that screams out ‘department store!’? Instead , keep them guessing with ‘Where do you think she got that bag?'”

Read on to learn more about Jeanean and Tucancreations!

Name: Jeanean

Shop name: Tucancreations

This Alice in Wonderland-themed bag is one of Jeanean's favorite from her shop, Tucancreations.

This Alice in Wonderland-themed bag is one of Jeanean's favorite from her shop, Tucancreations.

Is there a meaning to the name of your shop? I just love bright colors, and the toucan has always been indicative to the bright color theme. My original theme was to be “show your colors,” but I have not incorporated that into my logo yet.

When did you start selling on Etsy? I just joined the Etsy team, so I’m pretty new to this. I have a separate Web site I’m currently developing, but it takes a ton of time to get it all figured out and finished, so I’m hoping Etsy can fill in the gap for me with some great ways to sell.

Tell me about one of your favorite items for sale in your shop. My favorite item right now is the cute little bag made from the Alice In Wonderland theme. This is a great Japanese import that I got a while ago, and I finally made it into a bag and into a small pillow for my daughters room. I got the bag all ready for the pictures and realized it had a small spot on the front, so the bag is actually on sale. I would carry it myself, but the silliest thing is that my inventory is so small right now, I actually carry my bargain-bag dollar-store purse instead of one of my own! Isn’t that the saddest thing!?

How do you like working on Tucancreations? I’m hoping to get this inventory built up as soon as the kids get back into school. It seems that my time just vanishes during the summer, and I cannot force myself to set at the sewing machine when there is so much to do. Once autumn sets in, my “nesting” instincts jump into high gear, and all I can think about is just cuddling up to the machine with all my fabrics and sewing away!

How do you like selling on Etsy so far? Selling on Etsy is a scary thing. I try not to let my self doubts get in the way of feeling great about my product. My family members all say “Your things are super,” but then I see all the talent on Etsy and think, “Maybe I’m not good enough,” but after about 10 minutes of that I get back into the groove and figure, “Hey, if they can do this, then I can do this!”

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