Good job, ‘Rolling Stone’

15 Oct

Over the past five years, I’ve subscribed to any mixture of the following magazines:

Entertainment Weekly,” “Rolling Stone,” “Time,” “Elle,” “Marie Claire,” “Esquire,” “Details,” “National Geographic,” “UTNE“, “Spin” (By the way, if you feel like browsing any of those sites, “Entertainment Weekly” and “Esquire” are the best by far. “National Geographic” comes in at a close second.)

I don’t know that I’ve subscribed to fewer than four magazines since … well, since ever. Even as a teen, I got “Seventeen,” “YM,” “Teen,” “Teen People,” three of which are now defunct. As a child, I got “Barbie Magazine,” “Barbie Comics,” “Disney Adventures,” “Highlights.” (If you go to, it takes you to the Teen Vogue Web site. The “Teen” Web site is a Web site only — no mag attached. will take you to “People.”)

This is not the current cover of 'Rolling Stone.' I just, ahem, really like it.

This is not the current cover of 'Rolling Stone.' I just, ahem, really like it.

I, clearly, was a reader.

However, it appears that I have less and less time to read magazines. I’m ashamed to tell you how tall the stack is on my kitchen table, piled magazines unread and weeping for me. I’m in the process of letting many expire. “Entertainment Weekly” will never expire. “Time,” though I’ve ordered it since I was 19, may be going away. This also makes me weep, but I simply don’t read it much anymore. “Elle” will beat out “Marie Claire.” “Esquire” is a pretty  new addition, and I haven’t decided what I’ll do with it.

However, the Oct. 29 issue of “Rolling Stone” literally  made me laugh out loud a few moments ago when I retreived it from my mail box. One of the teasers along the top reads: “THE AWESOME GAYNESS OF ‘GLEE.’

It’s been nice chatting with you. I have a story to go read.

* * *

UPDATE (About a half hour later):  “Gayest. Show. Ever.” was a pretty decent review. The reviewer kind of hates the show, but kind of can’t stop watching it. However, if you pick up “Rolling Stone” this issue, do not miss the cover story. It’s a Q&A with  Madonna, and it’s fabulous.


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