Calla lilies, Mardi Gras masks, rose cut-outs

13 Oct

The past few days have found me very happy with my Etsy shop. I made six sales in two days last week, for one, and for another, I posted some of my favorite pieces thus far over at Jaclyn1423.

Who doesn't love a calla lily? These earrings are made with new jade and natural pearls. They're just longer than 3 inches, and I love them!

Who doesn't love a calla lily? These earrings are made with new jade and natural pearls. They're just longer than 3 inches, and I love them!

In my Shop Talks, one of the things I ask shop owners is what would make them consider their shops a success. Some say it’s hearts, or Etsy-speak for a user marking an item as a favorite. Some say it’s sales; others, the ability to quit their day job and just do their passion.

I agree with all those thoughts. One thing I haven’t heard, however, is the pride you get from posting an item you truly like. Some of my recent pieces of jewelry are just pretty, and I would be so proud to see them on people. Just seeing them for sale makes me proud.

Want to see some of them? Follow the jump.

I found this awesome two-piece shell and cut-out pendant about a month ago or so, and I’ve been figuring out what to do with it since. I recently decided I thought it’d look lovely on a multi-chain strand, and I think the ribbon-piece is my favorite. It adds such a surprising and feminine detail. The beaded strand is special, too — half of the beads are goldstone, this copper-colored sparkling stone that catches the light and just dazzles.


I’ve talked before about how much I enjoy taking vintage pieces and turning them into something new. The mask focal point of this necklace dangled from a fan brooch that said “New Orleans” (that fan is still in my collection, waiting to be turned into something fabulous). I definitely thought this mask was interesting enough to stand on its own.  It definitely says “Mardi Gras!” but I also get a kind of comedy/drama vibe from it, too. The rhinestones are in awesome condition, and the part of the burgundy paint that is rubbed away from the mask just reveals the gold beneath, which is lovely.GEDC1440

I attached the mask to a vintage chain and made the necklace a double-chainer by adding another vintage chain, but with a twist: In the center of this second, longer chain, I added glass rainbow beads and glass amber-colored beads. Such a fun piece!

I'd love to hear what you think!

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