I finally like a Daughtry song

6 Oct

I’m an American Idol watcher. I love me some talent, in any form — especially when that talent showcases itself in a voice that gives me chills or makes me tear up.

And yet, I feel sorry for the contestants on the show — especially the ones with talent. Week after week, they work their way into viewers’ hearts singing songs everyone is familiar with. In some cases, they reinvent the song, and we love them even more for that: Carrie Underwood and “Alone,” “Adam Lambert and “Black or White.”

When they leave the show to persue their own careers, it would seem as those these singers have a built-in fan based based on all those thousands and millions of votes they received over the course of their time on the reality TV show.

But it rarely works that way. I’d argue that Underwood and Idol first Kelly Clarkson are the only Super Dee Duper Mega Mega Mega Mega stars. Sure, plenty of others have achieved success, but nothing like the success we viewers imagine for our favorites while they belt out songs we can sing along with.

Take Chris Daughtry. When he was on Idol, I throughly liked him. I figured when he came out with an album, I’d buy it.

Not so much.

Daughtry’s music has seemed mediocre to me. I want to like it, but it just doesn’t get under my skin. Until “No Surprise.” Now, it’s one of my favorite Idol contestant songs.

What really started me thinking about this “life after Idol” concept was listening to Allison Iraheta’s new single, “Friday I’ll be Over U.” The red-headed cutie was by far my favorite contestant of last season, and I fully expect to purchase her album. But listening to her soon-to-be-released single leaves me feeling cold. It’s so … teen girl.

And that’s the thing: Allison IS a teen girl. This is the kind of music she should be putting out. And yet Idol allowed me to fall in love with her as she redefined “Alone,” as she reminded me why I adore “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” Definitely not teen fare.

With that, I give you my top five favorite post-Idol songs. I’m not including Clarkson and Underwood in this list, for reasons listed above. Frankly, “Last Name” and “My Life Would Suck Without You” could both make my list of favorite songs ever.

5) Jason Castro’s “Let’s Just Fall  In Love Again” — I’ve only ever heard this online. Are radio stations playing it? Whatever — Castro is my No. 1 fav Idol ever, so really, let’s not be surprised I included him here.
4) Daughtry’s “No Surprise” — Why is it better than his other songs? I can’t answer that. What causes a song to happily get stuck in your head?
3) David Cook’s “Come Back to Me” — I think Cook has the potential to overtake Castro as my favorite Idol, assuming he gets to release good songs. I really wonder who decides some of these artists’ fates. They appear to have a decent amount of control over themselves and their song selections on Idol, but the winners especially get handed some utter shit once they’re released upon the world. Good job on good first single. (We do not, nor will we ever, consider the “winner’s song” a first single. Calling it “music,” even, is inaccurate.)
2) As I came up with my top five, I struggled to come up with a fifth, but I see a whole lot of dudes on here. Looking for women, I remembered the utterly adorable Kellie Pickler’s Best Days of Your Life.” Listen to it. How can you not bop along?  It totally deserves spot No. 2 on my list.
1) Elliott Yamin’s “Wait for You” — How funny: When Yamin was on Idol, I didn’t understand how on earth he made it so far. But this R&B soulful fabulosity definitely convinced me.

What are your favorite post-Idol songs?


2 Responses to “I finally like a Daughtry song”

  1. MiltonDz October 6, 2009 at 7:59 pm #

    its a nice song , here is a link to the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZYkHMIFFmc


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