‘The Informant!’ vs. ‘Jennifer’s Body’

28 Sep

Thursday evening, I made plans to see “Jennifer’s Body” with a friend of mine. I adore Diablo Cody, and I thought “Body” looked completely hilarious. I dig a dark comedy, but come on: Megan Fox eating the boys in her high school? Priceless.

My ol’ pal Steve was 15 minutes late to the theater, however. Had I been smart, I would have gone in to get us seats as soon as I arrived. Instead, I waited for him in the lobby. As we approached the appropriate theater, 10 or 15 minutes after the start time, Steve saw what was showing right next to “Jennifer’s Body”: “The Informant!” and it was starting in 10  minutes.

Steve: Let’s go see that!
Me: But it looks stupid.
Steve: It looks hilarious! Please?
Me: You have got to be kidding me.
Steve: You seriously don’t want to see it?

And with that, he started to walk into “Jennifer’s Body.”

Smart me would have followed him. Stupid me, instead, spoke up and said, “Ya know what? I adore movies regardless of what they are. And I expect this one to suck so badly that there’s no way it can actually be that bad. I bet I’m surprised. Let’s go see ‘The Informant!'”

Oh. My. God.

I have never been so bored in my entire life. “The Informant!” is about corn. It sucks. It’s boring. The main character is totally  unrelateable and utterly unlikable. I didn’t care about anyone, nor did I care about what happened to anyone. Worst. Movie. I’ve ever seen in a theater. Ever.

Fast forward to Saturday evening. Another movie, another friend. He had never heard of “Jennifer’s Body,” but he’s as easy going about flicks as I. I gave him the brief run-down.

“Sounds good,” says  Nick.

So we went to see the critically bashed movie.

And both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Nevermind that I am regularly told how bad my taste in moves is. Just bare with me please: “Body” is well-acted, despite what you may believe about its stunning star. It’s absolutely humorous. It has its share of freaky moments (Fox immediately after being sacrificed, blood all over her teeth? Gawd, Nick is still waiting for her to come eat him, and not in a good way). Side-kick (or heck, main-kick, as she IS the narrator) Amanda Seyfriend was incredible. The plot knew it was redonkulous, but it absolutely worked.

Has anyone else seen either of these two movies? Please share. And if you loved “The Informant!” PLEASE tell me what on earth you found redeeming in it. (Honestly, this Q&A with the real informant was infinitely more entertaining than the flick.)


One Response to “‘The Informant!’ vs. ‘Jennifer’s Body’”

  1. Mary September 28, 2009 at 5:49 pm #

    Actually… I read mostly positive reviews of Jennifer’s Body (then again, the NYTimes’ A.O. Scott and Rolling Stone’s Peter Travers are the only critics I trust…), so I’m looking forward to seeing it this weekend 🙂

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