Shop Talk: simplypuresoycandles

8 Aug

This week, Snap, Crackle, Pop and Jaclyn1423 brings you … simplypuresoycandles! Why should you read on? Why, because one of the shop’s best selling scents is called Monkey Farts, of course.

Name: Kayla Arrowood
Hometown: Marion, NC
Shop namesimplypuresoycandles

Is there any meaning behind the name of your shop? I just want my candles to be simnply made and simply good. They are pure soy, so that helped with the name.simplypure1
When did you join Etsy? February 2009
How did you get started with your shop? I had already been making candles for three years and just was trying to find other outlets of promoting when my bf told me about Etsy.
How did you get started with candle-making? I started because I got mad at one of my fav scents being retired from some other company. I used to buy like $100 in candles every other week, so I figured,  “Ya know, I am going to try to make my own.” I am in three stores and have two wholesale accounts.
What are your most popular scents? Lemon Pound Cake, Monkey Farts and Apple Harvest
Tell me about one of your favorite items you’ve purchased on Etsy: I love HappyHaven. I bought some items for gifts and for myself. I wear my favorite pendant from Happy Haven at least two times a week. This is my favorite pendant I’ve given as a gift, to my daughter.
How would you define “success” in terms of your Etsy shop? Sales, wonderful feedback, happy customers — and I think you have success.
What is the coolest compliment you’ve gotten for something in your shop? I just love comments on the smells of my candles. I love hearing, “Oh, my God, I can’t believe that smells so good!”

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One Response to “Shop Talk: simplypuresoycandles”

  1. Kayla August 8, 2009 at 10:08 am #

    Wonderful!! Thanks so much XOXO

    * * *

    Snap, Crackle, Pop says: My pleasure 🙂

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