Some new jewelry tricks for me to try

8 Aug

I just got back from antiquing (yes, I’m a 26-year-old woman with the heart of a 65-year-old. Bite me), and I find myself at home with some fabulous vintage jewelry finds.

Isn't my little man in the moon dude fabulous???

Isn't my little man in the moon dude fabulous???

I’ve poured through the cheapo bins in the past, but I’ve never bit on any of the sales. Today, I bit a lot, including this insanely long silver-toned and white faux pearl necklace that just needed a little TLC to fix it. I’ve a whole bunch of beautiful gold-colored brooches I’m going to turn into necklaces and a slew of chains just waiting for sparklies.

And then, there are the two things I bought for ME. (Well, the two jewelry-related things — the Donald Duck planter and bobble head are mine, too … ’cause who the heck else would want those but this gal??). Both are necklaces, and I found one in a $4 bin. The pendant is a white and blue blurry fleur de lis behind glass. I got home and discovered: That chain is totally sterling. SCORE.

My other necklace was a touch pricier — not out of my price range, but more than I should have spent. It, too, is sterling, and the pendant is a carved face. It’s ivory colored and small and round with closed eyes, a small pointy nose and a teeny grin. I’ve never seen anything like it, and it’s currently my favorite thing on the planet.

The fellow at the store told me the shelf from which I found my glorious carved man (it almost looks like the man in the moon) contained goods from an estate sale. Ditto that fleur de lis.

I looked at him and said, “What a great collection,” and then, in all seriousness, “I’m so going to have one of these someday.”

Meaning an estate sale. When I’m dead.

My sensitivity is astounding, I know.


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