Shop Talk: ButtonFuzz

5 Aug

I’ve gotten such a great response from everyone about Shop Talk! I sent out my questions to dozens of people and have about 10 lined up. If you have an Etsy shop and are interested in being featured, leave a message on this post.

And now meet … ButtonFuzz!

NameDana Shaffer
Hometown: Stow, Ohio
Etsy shop
When did you join Etsy? February 2009

Adorable bride and groom salt and pepper shakers

Adorable bride and groom salt and pepper shakers

How would you describe your shop? I am attracted to objects with bright colors and flair. I try to incorporate patterns and colors I love into various types of art, including paintings, paper crafts and wedding accessories. I adore things that are whimsical or odd.
What’s your favorite item in your shop currently? My bride and groom salt and pepper shakers. I made a batch of them for my own wedding and thought they made such a cute addition to our reception tables.
What would you consider “success” with your shop? Making the money back I have invested in Etsy. But I do fantasize about being able to sell enough through Etsy and through freelance writing that I can join the ranks of those in the Quit Your Day Job features.
Have you ever made a purchase from Etsy? If so, what was your favorite item purchased? I actually just made my first purchase on Etsy today of these two items for a friend’s birthday. The seller was so wonderful! I also have my eye on a rad black dress with a giant goldfish on it, and I plan on giving these dictionary pendants to all the ladies on my Christmas list this year.
Do you have a favorite seller on Etsy? If so, who is it, and why is that shop your favorite? Oh my gosh! How do I choose?! TR Mack Studio, Horrror Decor, GamiWorks, Zombie Kitten Originals, Audrey and Grace, Lucha Workshop … etc., etc., etc. … I swoon when I see the items in these shops. It’s a simple as that.

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One Response to “Shop Talk: ButtonFuzz”

  1. tiddleywink August 7, 2009 at 10:31 am #

    I came here through a tweet from Zombie Kitten Originals, and have to thank you so much for introducing me to MORE etsy shops that I need to “add to favorites.” There is so much creativity and talent to be found on etsy!

    (And yes, I have a shop there as well.

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